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Rubber Calender Introduction
Author: www.cn-rubbermachine.com
Rubber Calender Introduction


Calender machine is composed of two or more rollers are arranged according to a certain form, at a certain temperature, suppress and extension the rubber or plastic into a certain thickness of rubber sheets, and on the fiber canvas curtain or wire carcass hanging plastic machinery. Calender machine in accordance with the number of rollers can be divided into a two-roll, three-roll, four-roll and 5-roll calender machines, etc.; accordance with the arrangement of the rollers can be divided into the "L" shaped, "T" type, "F" and " Z "type and the" S "type etc.


First, roller length and length to diameter ratio

The length and diameter of the roller means the length and diameter of the working portion of the roll. This is characterized by the characteristic parameters of the size of the calender.
1. The length of the roller were characterized maximum range of the calendered products. Since both ends need to stay out retaining plate sited, therefore the effective length of the roll to roll barrel length minus the length of the non-working surface (about 15% the length of the roller).
2. The length-diameter ratio of the roll refers to the ratio of the length and diameter of the working portion of the roll. The aspect ratio (or the roller diameter) of the roll is mainly affect the thickness of the dimension accuracy of the rolled products (except reducing roller). It is not only related to the rolled material performance, roller material and the length of the working portion of the rolls, mainly depending on the the quality requirements of the calendered products.

3. The relationship between the roller diameter with the lateral pressure, power, the aspect ratio and stiffness, the larger the roll diameter, the greater the horizontal pressure, larger required driving power, a nearly straight line relationship. The roller length-diameter is mainly affecting the stiffness of the roll.
4. Roller length, diameter and aspect ratio determined depending on the kind of processed raw materials, the range of the thickness and width of the calendered products, the calendering speed of the roller (i.e., production requirements) and other requirements.

Second, the roll speed and the speed ratio calender roll cylinder linear speed refer to the peripheral speed of the roller, indicate with "m / min". The linear speed of the roller is characterized a parameter of the calendering machine production capacity, and also one of the parameters characterization the advanced degree of the calender machine.
1. The roll speed is mainly determined according to the process use of the calender machine and the production level of automation. The speed of the roller should be able to meet the requirements of the calendering process operation, i.e. the roll speed is adjustable.
2. Speed range refers to the roller continuously variable called speed range. Due to the variety of processed materials, performance differences, in order to meet the production capacity and the requirements slow start and operate, generally requires about 10 times the speed range of the calender.

3. The speed ratio is due to calender gum paste, eraser or tabletting process different requirements, roller gear ratio requirements are also different, and the use of the different requirements of the different positions on the same calender, the gear ratio is also different.
4. The factors to be considered in the choice of the roll speed, roller speed directly affects the power consumption and production capacity of the calender. The greater of roller speed, the higher of the power and the yield, the higher automation requirements of of calender mechanization level.


Third, power consumption
1. Transmission power: calender transmission power means to drive calender required roll power. Its characteristics are large power transmission and stable power consumption.
2. Power calculating: the power consumption is also an important parameter of the calendar machine designed; it is difficult to accurately obtain by the theoretical formula. There are several empirical formulas to approximate calculation: N = a • L • v, N = K • L • n, N1/N2 == V1/V2.


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