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Plate Vulcanizing Press Way of Change Oil
Plate Vulcanizing Press Way of Change Oil

Plate Vulcanizing Press after a certain time needs to change oil, oil change depends on the extent of the oil is contaminated. Following is several ways of oil change:

1. Visual oil change way. It is with experience of maintenance personnel, according to the visual to conventional oil state change - such as oil blackened, stinking, milky etc; decide whether to change the oil. This method depends on the accumulation experience of the actual operator.

2. Sampling and analytical method. Sampling was conducted in plate vulcanizing press oil on a regular basis, the determination of the necessary items (such as viscosity, acid value, moisture, particle size and content, as well as corrosion etc) and indicators, according to actual measured values ​​specified by the oily fluid degradation the standards for the comparison, determine the if the fluid should change. Sampling time: general engineering machinery hydraulic system should drain intervals before the week of critical equipment, such as: TBM Tunnel Boring Machine and other hydraulic systems should be carried out every 500 hours time sampling was conducted, the test results should be filled with equipment technology files. The sampling and analytical method is suitable for critical equipment and large hydraulic equipment.

3. Regular oil change. The plate vulcanizing press venues environmental conditions, working conditions and oil drain intervals, change at regular time. This method is applicable to large hydraulic equipment enterprise.

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