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Solution of Open Mixing Mill FAQ
Author: www.cn-rubbermachine.com
Solution of Open Mixing Mill FAQ

Open Mixing Mill is the important rubber mixing machine in the rubber industry, the various failures in the day-to-day use. The open mixing mill FAQs are divided into the following areas:
First, Can not accurately adjust the roll space.

1.    Safety chips of the nip adjustment device badly worn. Solution: Replace the roller space device's safety gasket.

2.    Screw nut or screw badly worn. Solution: overhaul or replace nut and screw.


Second, the roller suddenly stopped working.

1. Roller work overload, the roller space is too small. Solution: appropriate increase rollers distance.

2. Roller surface temperature is under low. Solution: remove excess material and send steam heating warming roller.
3. Roller surface charging excessive overloading. The solution: Reduce the quantity.

4. Journal part of the less of lubrication oil supply, bearing shaft holding. Solution: shut down for maintenance bearing liner and fuel system.


Third, rolls journal parts high fever, the temperature exceeds 120 กใ C.
1. Operating temperature is too low, feeding large material, open mixing mill
   transverse pressure overload long time, destruction of the bearing bush lubricating oil film , bearing bush cannot have a good lubrication. Solution: reduce the amount of roll surface materials and appropriate increase roller temperature.
2. Journal lubrication oil supply is insufficient, the oil pump oil pressure is not enough, or the pipeline was clogged. Solution: overhaul lubricant supply system.
3. Bearing cooling water supply is insufficient. Solution: dredge pipeline of cooling pipes and increase the supply of cooling water.
4. Bearing lined working surface is serious wearing, the journal of the slide surface is rough. Solution: replace the bearing lining.


Fourth, open mixing mill roller distance cannot be adjusted.

1. Roller diameter is too small, the speed ratio gears dry. Solution: narrow gear addendum or replacement of large diameter roller.

2. Badly worn bearing bush. Solution: Replace the bearing bush.


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