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Rubber Mixing Mill Application and Safety Protection
Rubber Mixing Mill Application and Safety Protection

Rubber Mixing Mill is suitable for reclaimed rubber factory, conveyor belt factory, rubber products factory, shoe factory, cable factory, rubber hose factory, seals and other rubber related industries.

Rubber Mixing Mill is mainly including bedplate, rack, front and rear roller, transmission gear reducer, speed reducer, nip adjustment devices, roller temperature adjustment device, safety switches and electrical control system components etc. The roller material is alloy chilled cast iron having high hardness and abrasion resistance, roller temperature adjusting to the roller device pass into the steam or cooling water to adjust the roll temperature, in order to meet process requirements.

The rubber mixing mill installing safety protection devices:
1. Electrical protection: When the equipment large exceeds the load, equipment parking.
2. The roller safety device: When the device instantly over the roller pressure, safety insurance tablets automatic fragmentation. So as to protect rollers and other major parts of the machine is more reliable operation and minimum maintenance costs.
3. The machine is equipped with brake device, when emergency, immediately pull the rod brake, thereby reducing accidents.

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