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Introduction of Translational Vulcanizing Press
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Introduction of Translational Vulcanizing Press


Translational Vulcanizing Press mainly for vulcanization flat type belt, such as conveyor belts, transmission belts, referred to as the flat belts etc., having large hot-plate unit area pressure, reliable operation and low maintenance etc advantages.

The main function of the vulcanizing press is providing the pressure and temperature of vulcanizing. The pressure generated by the hydraulic cylinder of the hydraulic system, the temperature are providing by the heating medium (mainly electric heating and steam heating two kinds). Vulcanizing Press according to rack structure can be divided into the pillar type vulcanizing press and frame type vulcanizing press two categories; according to the work layers have single and double layers two kinds.

Pillar type vulcanizing press is in the production of rubber industry, the past use models of flat belt vulcanizing press is mainly pillar type, but now most is frame-type structure. The frame type vulcanizing press compared with frame type vulcanizing press has the following technical characteristics:


1.    Drive vulcanizing press translational move mechanism comprises shifting means connected with said servo motor, speed change device respectively connected with the two servo motors , gear respectively mounted on the said speed change device of output shaft, fixed in vulcanization rack and the long rack in conjunction with the gear respectively.

2.    There are two mold opening and closing cylinder in left and right, and with said opening  and closing cylinder of the hydraulic oil in the clamping cylinder is provided with a control of said two open clamping cylinder synchronous synchronization hydraulic device. The translational vulcanizing press vulcanized rack has advantages of steady starting and stopping, repetitive positioning accuracy, opening and closing the clamping cylinder good synchronous etc.


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