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Rubber Bale Cutter Introduction and Operating Process
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Rubber Bale Cutter Introduction and Operating Process


Rubber Bale Cutter is mainly suitable for cutting natural rubber, synthetic rubber, and other plastic materials, particularly suitable for installation near the rubber mixer, cutting small piece of plastic materials.

Rubber Bale Cutter including rubber knife, rack, cylinder, bedplate, roller and hydraulic systems, electrical systems and other components. Below the rubber knife is the bedplate equipped with a nylon pad to protect the rubber knife blade. When cutting raw rubber, with artificial put rubber below the rubber knife, and then press the start button, the rubber knife driven by the piston rod along rack slide cut rubber. Rack mounted on the two upper and lower limit switches, and to the control valve to change the movement direction of rubber knife, and also can protect the piston-cylinder cylinder head.


Rubber Bale Cutter operation process have the following two ways:
1. Manual control, turn on the power to the rubber bale cutter, start the motor, press the up button, so the rubber knife upward movement of a certain height, press the stop button to stop it. Anti-plastic block will be cut in the bedplate under the rubber knife, and leave some cutting width, press the down button to make a rubber knife downward movement, the end of the cutting, the stopper touches stroke turret installed on the switch, electromagnetic commutation valve, rubber knife automatic return upward movement of the solenoid valve spool is in the neutral position, rubber knife touched until another stop on the turret above a limit switch, stop motion. If continue cutting, repeat the above action. Cut plastic work after pressing the stop button to stop the rotation of the motor, and disconnect the power cord of rubber bale cutter.

2. Automatic control, power ON rubber bale cutter, start the motor, will be to cut the plastic block on the front of the push plastic tray, press the up button, the upward movement of the rubber knife, at the same time push the plastic disc will push the plastic block to forwarding rubber stopper touches above limit switch mounted on the turret above, the solenoid valve commutation the turret drive rubber knife downward movement, push the plastic disc at the same time stop action, rubber knife, rubber block cutting under a certain width. The end of the rubber cutting, turret installed on the lower stopper touch following stroke switch, solenoid valve commutation rubber knife Automatic Return upward movement, push the plastic tray and then push the rubber block rubber feeding forward. Until the turret on top of the block touches above limit switch, solenoid valve commutation, so the turret drives the rubber knife downward movement again to repeat the action. For to suspend rubber cutting, simply press the stop button. Cut plastic work after pressing the stop button to stop the motor rotation, and cut off the power supply.


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