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How to Operate Open Mixing Mill?
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How to Operate Open Mixing Mill?


Operating open mixing mill should be following several aspects:

1. Adjust the roll distance, to maintain the balance of the roll nip. If both ends of the roll regulation different cause roller partial loading, it is easily damaged equipment.

2. Feeding should be in ratio gear end. Resultant bending moment and torque of the drive end is greater than the ratio gear end, first add hard chunks of rubber in the drive end or large pieces of hard rubber in the middle of the roller section will be device unfavorable, easy to cause roller breakage.

3. Feeding quantity increase gradually, the feed block weight shall not be more than the equipment manual provisions, continue to add the feed sequence from small to large. If suddenly inserted a chunk of rubber in roller distance maybe cause overload rushed out, easy to make the safety gasket of the open mixing mill damaged, once the safety gasket failure, it will damage the roller.

4. When operation you should first cutter then hand glue, if rubber sheet is not cut off, are not allowed to deadlift hard pull. No handedly feeding roller in one hand and the other hand pick up materials under roller. As the case of the materials moving, do not use hand pressing materials. Push the material must not exceed the top of the roller horizontal line. Measuring roll temperature, back must with the rollers rotating in opposite directions. The cutter must be placed in safe place of open mixing mill; cutting knives are not allowed in front of their own body direction. No knife when playing the triangle bag operation. When rolling, rubber sheet weight must not exceed 25 kg.

5. Open mixing mill during operation, cooling should be carried out gradually, best empty cool. The sudden cooling (hot rollers roller temperature is too high, suddenly pass into the cooling water), the cross combined effects of pressure and temperature stress, lead roller injury.

6. Rubber compound or roller plastic debris or tailgate, bearing at plot glue roller operation must stop treatment. In case of a sudden stop, you should cut off the power, turn off the water and steam valve in order.

7. Strictly prohibited with load car.

8. After work, cut off the power, turn off the water and steam valves.


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