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Introduction of Rubber Sheet Cooling Machine

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Introduction of Rubber Sheet Cooling Machine

Rubber sheet cooling machine is supporting the use of extrusion tableting machine or open mixing mill, rubber material from the rubber kneader through the tablet dipping with release agent then cooling, drying and lamination storage. The entire production line have pick up conveyor device, printing device, jointing and pressing device, rubber sheet length cutting device, release agent cooling device, grasping and hoisting device, hanging and cooling conveyor device, manipulator device, automatic cutting device and sheet swinging device etc, these devices according is optional for the users.


Control system components

1. Programmable controller, programmable controller is the core control of the system, all site control and parameter settings exchanged through the PLC to achieve. Internationally renowned brands such as Siemens, Mitsubishi, Omron, AB and Rexroth can be chosen in accordance with the actual needs of the user to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the system.  

2. The man-machine interface, HMI interaction is the bridge of equipment and operating personnel, operators can through display screen learned the overall operation of the equipment and fault alarm information, also can according to the authorization privileges of the process parameters and alarm information to modify and query.
3. Inverter control unit, the inverter is the application of frequency conversion technology and microelectronics technology, the electrical power to the AC motor power transmission components controlled by changing the frequency and amplitude; it is energy-saving, speed control and motor protection functions widely used in all levels of industrial production process.


Second, technical characteristics:
1. Rubber sheet cooling machine high degree of automation of the entire line, only two operators are required to meet the normal production needs.
2. Hanging rubber sheet cooling device cylinder or motor-driven way is optional, hanging rubber tidy, not normally hang rubber sheet and take glue and plugging glue prompted.
3. Can mechanically automatic pick up rubber sheet.
4. Automatic rubber sheet cutting function, automatic cutting device can be run automatically according to user-set rubber sheet cutting length; length error is within 1%.
5. Can be realized automatically swing rubber sheet and laminations function. Automatic pendulum chip lamination device can be based on a rubber automatically start and stop and speed control, pack rubber in order, edge error
within 3cm.

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