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How to understand the Rubber strainer?
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How to understand the Rubber strainer?


Rubber Strainer machine role is pushing and conveying by the use of the screw, removed the impurities in the rubber or reclaimed rubber. Mainly by the screw, barrel, filter rubber head and transmission device. Rubber strainer machine head is equipped with the orifice plate and filter, orifice plate for supporting the filter and as a discharge port, pore diameter size of 4 ~ 8mm, and is along the rubber material flow direction of the expansion of the tapered hole.


Straining machine in using should be operating in accordance with the following procedures:

1. Before filter its head and fuselage must be preheated to the specified temperature; maximum motor load cannot exceed the specified value (160 amps).

2. When normal filter, the rubber filter maximum filtered rubber temperature not exceed 140 , especially neoprene must not exceed 105 C maximum.

3. Burnt rubber mixture cannot be filtered, and after filtration of the rubber mixture shall not have scorch particles.

4. Cold rubber cannot filter; if for filtered cold rubber, pressure soft before filtration.

5. No metal and other debris added to the straining machine.

6. Non-hand to take the rubber, or non-hand rubber plug into the feeder operation.


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