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China Rubber Mixer, Open Mixing Mill and Rubber Calender Has Implemented New Standard
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China Rubber Mixer, Open Mixing Mill and Rubber Calender Has Implemented New Standard


Rubber Mixer, Open Mixing Mill and Calender new standard has been implemented on January 1, 2011. Since then, the three leading products in rubber and plastics machinery industry in China – rubber mixer, open mixing mill and calender mandatory national safety standards, the national standards of the recommended products, the recommended industry standards all drafted by Dalian Rubber & Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd.

Six standard formulation fully consider the applicability, forward-looking, advanced technology of the standard; under the premise of ensuring energy saving and environmental protection, give full consideration to the needs of users, to summarize years of practice will help ensure the quality of products and personal safety requirements into the standard, in order of the level of products in the entire industry to further improve and ensure personal health and safety; also give full consideration to the convenience of quality supervision and inspection operability. The development of standards to further standardize and improve the quality of products in the industry, to meet the user's requirements, improve the domestic and international market competing force; further improve the level of manufacturing technology, maintain fair competition to lead the industry on an orderly and healthy development; further standardize products design, processing and inspection, the majority of users on product selection, ordering, acceptance and use of evidence-based.


Now Qingdao Shun Cheong Machinery Co., Ltd produced the rubber kneader, rubber mixing mill and rubber calender first of all the technology has reached the international advanced level in same industry, has been leading the international level in terms of safety manipulation. Technology, quality and safety performance of the products always be our company’s constant pursuit.


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