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Our company sincerely looking for waste tire processing engineer around the world.
  To better serve customers and expand in emerging markets, so that the scrap tire processing machinery we produced can reached the world leading level, our company looking for professional engineer in rubber powder, reclaimed rubber industry.Any nationality available.

  At present, with the rapid development of rubber industry and car industry, a large number of waste tires, rubber products, and its marginal waste are also increasing.Because of the rubber is not easy to decay,the waste rubber products increasing day by day, piled up like a mountain,which has become a major environmental health hazards,and be on the rise . But with the development of science and technology, the production of waste rubber (mainly waste tires) into rubber powder is applicated and popularized,which has been accepted by more and more manufacturers, and has achieved great economic benefits.Especially in recent years, with the rapid development of the application and scope of powder technology, many countries have issued preferential policies to encourage the development of waste rubber powder production, providing a more advantageous prerequisites to powder production enterprise.Especially in Europe and the United States and other developed countries, the scrap tire processing projects granted by high state funding .


  Qingdao shun cheong machinery co., ltd is a manufacturer specializing in the production of waste tire processing equipment .The products are exported to Japan, Russia, Germany and other developed countries.This series of products can deal with all kinds of waste rubber tire ,steel wire in particular, completely out of the production of rubber powder and steel wire, rubber powder can be up to 120 mesh. This series of products contained semi-automatic production line and fully automatic production line.
Semi-automatic production line photo:
Fully automatic production line photo:
To better serve customers and expand in emerging markets, our company looking for professional engineer in rubber powder, reclaimed rubber industry.
Requirements :
Άρ. Engaged in the rubber powder, reclaimed rubber industry more than five years.Be proficient in rubber processing technology and rubber machinery.
Άς.Be honest.Being able to take short-term domestic overseas business trip.
Άσ.Foreign engineer should know some Chinese at least.
Άρ. Can be full-time or part-time.Full-time implement the yearly salary, specific negotiable.
Άς. Business trip expenses reimbursed, and subsidies.
Άσ.Other content negotiation.
Άτ.Foreign engineer has two separate occasions to back home during the year.
If interested,please send resume to  info@qdxiangjie.com   or by fax to  +86-532-85192359.
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