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XLB-D1600x1600x1/8.00MN plate vulcanizing press was successfully inspected on September 27th.

  In April of this year, Iran MTL client came to our factory to see the plate vulcanizing press etc. related equipments. They investigated and studied our mechanical machining capacity, R&D, production management etc. kinds of factors and finally decided to purchase the equipments which including this plate vulcanizing press XLB-D1600x1600x1/8.00MN from our company. This plate vulcanizing press is a breakthrough in using multi-cylinder column structure instead of traditional structure. This kind has certain of difficulty no matter considered from the stress analysis in technical design or error precision in machining.

  Plate vulcanizing press application: it was widely used in vulcanizing kinds of rubber & plastic model products and non-model products such as seals, rubber sheets etc.
  XLB-D1600x1600x1/8.00MN plate vulcanizing press photo:
  XLB-D1600x1600x1/8.00MN plate vulcanizing press working video:
  XLB-D1600x1600x1/8.00MN plate vulcanizing press technical parameters:
Technical Parameters
Total Pressure
Platen Size
Piston Stroke
Piston Diameter
Hydraulic Working Pressure
Dimension (L x W x H)
   Iran was sanctioned due to international economy blockade, currency devaluation, trade situation is still sluggish, and many clients delay to put orders which lead domestic supplier lose confidence to Iran market. But we still believe that the blockade is temporary and development is promising and moving forward.
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