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Ring Cutter
Semi-automatic rubber powder production line technological process
Waste tires - Ring Cutter - Strip Cutter - Block Cutter - Press Loop Machine - Rubber Crusher - Oscillating Screen - Fiber Separator (rubber powder diameter 1.7mm ~ 0.55mm) -  Fine rubber powder grinding machine - Powder (rubber powder diameter 0.55mm ~ 0.12mm).
Ring cutter is used to remove the waste tire bead.
Semiautomatic rubber powder production line is suitable for the broken nylon line tires, steel tires, large-scale projects such as fetal waste rubber products processing, rubber powder and nylon line, wire full separation, the production of rubber powder diameter is between 1.7mm ~ 0.12mm. The production line is a semi-automated, less wearing parts and can be reused.
Following is the technical parameter of the ring cutter.
Technical Parameters
Main Power(KW)
Main Shaft Rotating Speed(r/min)
Maximum Diameter of Waste Tire(mm)
Overall Size(length*width*height)(mm)
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