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Rubber Extrusion Line


Rubber Extrusion Line

Rubber seals production line extruding process is including many machines, as cold feed rubber extruder, automatic thermostat circulating vulcanizing box, cooling tank, roller traction machine, duplex winding machines and other equipments. This production line has the advantage of labor, effort and energy-saving, environmental protection and high capacity etc.

Automatic thermostat circulating vulcanizing box adopts automatic thermostat temperature control system which has character of fast heating and high production efficiency etc.

1. Electric heating tube heating, temperature range as the room temperature to 260℃, the entire line automatic thermostat, and temperature control accuracy of +/-2℃.

2. Effective length of the vulcanizing box generally is 26 meters. It liner with 120stainless steel and the middle insulating layer is fully filled with aluminum silicate cotton.

3. Vulcanization box is divided into three zones, each zone with trimmer potentiometer which adjusts the speed of the three zones of vulcanizing box to equilibrium; in the middle of each zone with the ventilating device, and removing the emissions generated by the vulcanization process in time in order to ensure the smoothness of the rubber products.

4. Cooling tank is used to cool high temperature rubber seals and then use high-speed airstream drying them.

5. The entire production line speed is adjustable to match with speed of the extruder.

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