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Batch off Cooler Floor Standing Type


Batch off Cooler Floor Standing Type


The batch off cooler is used for cooling, folding and depositing the rubber strip that comes from the open mills or twin screw extruder.



There are two kinds: overhead and floor-standing types.


1. Batch off cooler can coat with isolation agent, cooling and laminated storage of the rubber sheet which extruding from mixing and plastic mixing, the structure is floor-standing type. The rubber sheets running have overhead type and multilayer conveying type two kinds.

2. This batch off cooler can be equipped with coding device, lengthcutting or crosscutting, automatic swing glue; automatic laminated rubber sheet weighing and cutting, automatic sampling etc. The new type chain-type batch off cooler uses South Korean technology.

3. The rubber sheet in the chain-belt is using multi-layer reciprocating cooling method. It is suitable for cooling thin rubber sheet and no pollution rubber sheet.

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